19 questions that will improve your business

Oh, I love a good question that makes a positive change to your business.  One that clears the fog, gives an A-ha! Moment, creates a shift, a wake up call and not forgetting an answer to a problem that’s been hanging about for a while.

What’s makes more impact that one good question?

Another good question… followed by another (if needs be)

Now I know you’ll be seeing lots of posts and signs that Summer is over, done and dusted and it’s now time to speed head first into Autumn and fly at a rate of knots to make sure that you make what’s left of 2017 count.

But maybe you don’t know where to start on making what’s left of 2017 count.

That’s why I’ve put these 19 questions together to get you thinking about how you can still make the most of what’s left of this year.

Here they are:

  1. What did I accomplish in the last 8 months?
  2. What was my biggest disappointment?
  3. What were the best decisions I made?
  4. What were the worst decisions I made?
  5. What did I learn?
  6. What could I have done differently?
  7. What needs to stay the same?
  8. What needs to change?
  9. How can I make more of the best decisions?
  10. What do I need to do more of?
  11. What do I need to do less of?
  12. What should I stop doing altogether?
  13. What do you want to be doing each day?
  14. How many hours per week do you want to work?
  15. Who do you want to be working with?
  16. How do you want to be working with clients?
  17. How much do you want to earn?
  18. Where do you want your income to be coming from?
  19. How soon will you start taking action?


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