Is your action plan using these powerful principles?

You’re looking to make the most of the next months and years.

But your enthusiasm is low, motivation is missing in action and you can’t remember what your vision for this year was, let alone feel as though you’re anywhere near achieving it.

Maybe your year has been a (very) good one, maybe it’s been not so good, but you still have time to make it better and lead your business in the right direction. And that’s why a plan can be your key to success.

Begin With The End In Mind

In the words of Stephen R. Covey you ‘Begin With The End In Mind’.  And this gives you a different perspective. Many of us start off thinking about the first steps of a project. What needs to be done to make a start and we can end up getting nowhere, getting distracted and before you know it time has passed and we’ve achieved nothing or anything of substance.

Let’s imagine you’re having friends round for dinner. You start off with the idea in your head before you take any kind of action. You ‘Begin with the end in mind.’

You ask yourself a few key questions:

  • Who to invite?
  • What date?
  • What time?
  • What to cook?

You have an idea of how you’d like your evening to be before you starting calling friends, getting out the recipe books, shopping for food, setting the table, putting the oven on and making the meal.

You can apply this to your business too.

Have your vision for how you want it to look, be and feel at the end of this yea.

Outline Your Plan Of Action

As with any plan, it’s not cast in stone, but it does need to include the key features for what you’re aiming for to keep you on track.

And to do that you can create an outline of your plan when you answer a few key questions. Here’s a few examples for you:

  • How much do you want to earn?
  • Who do you want to be working with?
  • How do you want to be working with clients?
  • Where do you want your income to be coming from?
  • How many hours do you want to be working?
  • What marketing will you use?

And 3 questions I always like to include in a plan are:

  • When I achieve these goals what will it feel like?
  • When I achieve these goals what will that mean to me?
  • When I achieve these goals what will that do for me?

I’ve found that these 3 questions help you to create a mental picture, of what it will be like, when you achieve your goals, and to see yourself being passionate and motivated to make them happen.

Create Your Step By Step Guide To Making It Happen

Thinking about your dinner party again, to create your culinary delight you need a step by step guide on how you’re going to create it. And that’s what the recipes for your gorgeous food give you.

  • What tools you need.
  • What ingredients you need.
  • What alternatives you can use.
  • How much to use.
  • What ingredient to mix with what.
  • For how long.
  • At what temperature.
  • And a bright, shiny picture of how it should look (gives you an idea of what you’re creating)

Recently my son made strawberry and raspberry muffins at school and we needed to give him some of the ingredients.

I can remember him looking at the recipe and telling me how complicated it all seemed.

Weighing out the ingredients, mixing them in the right order, remembering to put on the oven to the right temperature and setting a timer so you didn’t over or under bake them.  And yet he came home from school, as proud as punch saying how easy they were as long as you followed the recipe and asked for help when you need it.

They did indeed taste lovely. He presented it on a plate with a couple of raspberries on the side.

Later on, on the same day, he made another batch following the recipe. And again, they were scrummy.

He’s made them so many times now, he makes them without referring to the recipe, but in the early days, he needed it to keep him on track.

The pupil has now become the Master, showing my hubby how to make them and he laughs at how my hubby needs the recipe for something that is so simple to make.  I know 🙂

And you can create your recipe, aka the outline and plan, of what you need to do to get the results you’re after for the end of the year.

Break Down Your Plan

Looking at all that you want to achieve can be overwhelming, and looking at your plan can be triggering all sorts of nonsense from your chatterbox (that wee cheeky voice in your head that’s always so eager to hold you back and talk you out of things…).

And remember, you wouldn’t get up one morning and decide to run a marathon would you? You’d start off gently with short walks, and building it up from there.

So it is with your Action Plan.

Plan what’s to be done in smaller chunks. Make it easier on yourself.

Focus ONLY on this month, what do you need to do this month, this week, tomorrow and today to make it happen?

And if you’re not the best person for the job, outsource it.

And then you can break down your weekly, daily and even hourly activities.  Eg I block out hours in my day specifically for networking

Remaining focused only the tasks that will get you your results.

Once you have completed your activities for September repeat for the remaining months of the year.

Keep Moving Forward

Set dates of what you will achieve and identify all activities and results that need to be measured.

That’s the thing with a plan it needs to be measured to make sure it’s working.  A word of warning. Make sure you’re measuring activities that indicate progress.

For example: measuring likes doesn’t indicate a new client does it but, measuring clicks on a sign up page and comparing them to contact details collected is useful as you’ll discover if those clicking through are intrigued enough to give you their name and email address.

If accountability is what keeps you moving forward – get it. This can be a business buddy, a coach and mentor or someone you trust to give you a kick up the bahookey (#alwayswithlove) when it’s needed.

Action Stations!

You’ve created your plan in your head – YOUR VISION

You’ve MAPPED OUT the key actions for the remaining 4 months of the year

NOW it’s time to make it happen and START taking ACTION!

And remember this useful prompt for any goal you want to achieve.

By (Specific date):

I will (Insert WHAT specifically you will have achieved)

By (Insert HOW you will have achieved this)

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