Stuck, overwhelmed, confused, bewildered and unsure what to do next?
Something needs to change. But what??

Got a head full of ideas and options but you have no idea which one will work.

You’re a perfectly normal business owner. We all get stuck from time and to time and what you need is someone to have a good look at what’s going on.
Someone who can spot what’s really going on and help you fix it.

Because until you fix it, nothing is going to get better.
Let me help you.

How We’ll Make This Happen

Before our call, you’ll complete an in-depth Business Review document which means that when we’re on our call together your business will get our undivided attention.

Your Business Review And Strategy Session

What you'll get

You will have a fully functioning plan with your actions to get you and your business back on track.

How To Arrange Your Session

It’s so simple! Email me at and we’ll arrange a time to chat. This is where you tell me a bit about yourself and what’s going on in your business.

We also get the chance to find out if we’re a good fit for each other too.

Next, we’ll arrange a date for when we can talk, and to arrange your payment.

When that’s done, I’ll email you to confirm our session along with the ‘Business Review‘ document for you to complete and return to me before our call. That gives me time to have a good look through and find out what’s going on so I can focus on what you need on the call.
The ‘Business Review’ document has been know to create some pretty fab ‘Aha! moments.

All About Your Session

I will record the session so that our time together is spent fully focusing on your business. No need to scribble at a gazillion miles an hour or worry about committing to memory what we’ve discussed.

The recording will be yours so you can listen back to whenever you want.

Much better than trying to work out your hand-written notes or scribbles.
If you’re anything like me at taking notes.

Book Your Call

Your Business Review And Strategy Session is £197

Arrange your call today.

Email me

Tracey has helped me to crystallise my ideas for the future path of my company, into tangible step-by-step plans which will ultimately lead me to my business goals.

F Scott - Intrepidata

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