Is this the best time saving tool in your business?

This is the only thing you’ll need to manage your time like a Pro.

I tend to have my best ideas in the shower but last night it was in the bath.

My son and I had been watching up a game show on catch up TV where the contestant goes head to head to answer questions against a Quiz Guru.

And they have a chance to win money and the more risks they take the more money they can win. However, the contestant is part of a team and the money they win together is what they have a chance of sharing at the end.

The contestant takes on board the thoughts of their team mates before deciding how much risk and therefore, how much money to be in with the chance of winning.

And ultimately, it’s up to them to decide.

Believe it or not, this is what I was pondering as I lay in my bath with bubbles that nearly reached the ceiling.

I had some decisions to make for the coming week.

Not quite a Eureka! Moment but I think I may have stumbled across the best, most  amazing time management tool ever.

Want to know what it is? Course you do. You’re busy and want to have anything that helps 🙂

Well, it’s you.

Want me to say that again?


You are the best and most amazing time management tool ever when you choose wisely.

All those time management tools, reminders and planners will only work if you decide the right stuff to put in them.

Does it make it onto your list?

I’ve realised, as the owner of my own business, the first entry point is me and I’m the key decision maker.

When I ask ‘Will this task take me closer too or further away from my goal?’ I stay more focused on what I’m aiming for.

Ultimately, you have a choice and this first one is pretty key to how the rest of your To Do list will look.

If your answer is no but it’s still a pretty darn good idea, park it in a file, notebook or on online. Somewhere you can come back to it when you’re done dealing with your more important stuff.

If your answer is yes. It’s on the list but then ask, Can I delegate or outsource this?’

Is it the best use of your time and skills?

Maybe a VA could be typing up your Blogs, putting together presentations, scheduling your Social Media for you. An accountant could be looking after your finance rather than you pondering it over.  A designer could create some images for you.

Now you’re left with what you want to do and what will give you the best return on your time.

This is what I call Golden time and this is precious. Block out chunks of Golden time to get this done and to make it happen.

Switch of all distractions.

Close down all the open tabs on your computer, switch off your phone and those Facebook notifications.

Work from home? Tell the other half and the kids this is your time to be productive so do not disturb.

I’ve discovered how brill I can be at getting things done when I decide to spend my time on my main purpose.  It’s what I enjoy the most and I find my flow pretty quickly once I settle down to getting it done.

Here’s my list to remind you how to become the Gatekeeper of your time so you can get more done in half the time.

Set aside a small chunk of time to get social media out of your system

Rather than leaving all your social media taps open or flitting in and out of them during the day, and you end up spending more time ‘socialising’ than you wanted to block 30 minutes out for looking at whatever you want.

Cute videos of cats, posts from friends,  quick and amazing recipes, crafts in under 5 minutes.

Take this 30 minutes to enjoy but then here’s the deal, you don’t go back on until you’ve completed your key tasks.


Switch off your phone, remove those notifications, put a Do Not Disturb sign on your door. Whatever it takes to get you 100% in flow with the task in hand.

One thing at a time

When you focus on one thing at a time you get where you want to be much faster.

Do lots of what you’re supposed to

Spend less and less time doing the time-sucking tasks. Identify your time stealers and ditch the little blighters.

De-clutter your desk and only have on it what you need

This works for me.  I’ll have the file I need, a pen and my computer. That’s all my eyes and brain has to focus on.

A messy desk drains me.

Blinking Start!

No matter how big or small your steps are towards your goal, you’re making progress. Give it 5 minutes or 10 minutes and get going.

Get your stuff done! You know it’s the only way.

What can you do today that will save you time tomorrow?

This could be as simple as writing out the 3 most important tasks you want to complete the next day.

Take 10 minutes at the end of today to get yourself ready for tomorrow.

As soon as you sit down at your desk, you’re good to go.

What do you think? Please post your comments below. Thanks


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