Features v Benefits:What’s the difference?

I have something to tell you. You may not like it.


In fact, probably not at all and it may really pee you off to hear this.




I know. It’s a shock isn’t it? A blinking huge one. After all you’ve done to set up your business… pah!


See Your Business Through The Eyes of Your Audience


What if you looked at your product or service through the eyes of your client?

And let’s say they want  a drill with a particular sized drill bit.

Not because drill bits are their thing, but because they need this particular drill bit to drill a HOLE.

That’s what they need. A HOLE.

People buy your product or service because of what it will DO for them.


But the chances are you’ve finding it easier to talk about features which are different.

Understand the Difference


Let’s start with Features.

A feature is a fact about your product or service.

Here’s a big clue. If you can start a sentence with

It is… it does… we have…. We are… etc


  • Our tool-kit? It is blue
  • Our bread? It is baked here on the premises
  • Our printer? It does 50 A4 colour prints a minute
  • We are based in Newcastle
  • We have been in business for 10 years


Not a BENEFIT in sight 🙁

Benefits are the gorgeous sparkly little gems are what will make your potential client sit up and take notice.


How To Identify Benefits


Once you know your features follow it up with ‘WHICH MEANS’

  • Our bikes have seats with additional padding WHICH MEANS you’ll have a more comfortable ride
  • We provide access to online resources WHICH MEANS you can access them at a time that suits you
  • Our toys come with batteries included WHICH MEANS it’s ready to play with the minute you take it out the box


More Ways To Unearth Your Benefits


You can also use SO WHAT? Or WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? help you unearth the benefits for your product or service. 

Let’s go back to the bike seat. 

Our bikes have seats with additional padding.



You’ll benefit from:

  • A more comfortable ride
  • You’ll be able to ride for longer
  • The right seat means you can ride faster
  • Less pressure on your delicate bits so less chaffing


More Than One Benefit?

Once you’ve identified your FEATURES you’ll notice they’ll have more than one BENEFIT

And again, I’m going to go back to the bike

Our bikes have seats with additional padding

  • Which means you’ll have a more comfortable ride
  • Which means you’ll be able to ride further
  • Which means you can ride for longer
  • Which means you can enjoy bumpier terrains


Imagine having a list of benefits you can include in your marketing.

Grab a cuppa,  a sheet of paper and a pen (or do this on your computer) and write the following headings:

Feature  …which means that….  Benefit


Get brainstorming! 

Then start using them on your sales pages and conversations with your audience.

Let me know how you get on or if you’ve got any questions in the comments below. 


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Comment 1

  1. Herve
    April 8, 2018

    Actually people need to drill a hole because they’ve had this picture frame that they didn’t hang for weeks. And the partner keeps annoying them and asking when it Will be hanged. That’s the pain they want to address. As ppl only buy to remove a pain they have today or a pain they see coming.

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