How much of your life are you not living?

She’s never 4 years old already?

Crikey! Where’s the time gone?

That was how part of a conversation went between me and my Nana this week. We were talking about my cousin’s wee girl.

And yes, she’s 4. Already!

I can remember getting the news her mum was pregnant and now this little girl is 4.

Looking Into The Future

In four years time:

  • My son will be 16.
  • I’ll be in my (VERY early) 50’s.
  • I could have another degree.
  • If I didn’t get my hair cut it could grow 24 inches.
  • I’ll have slept for the best part of 11,680 hours.

But what about all the time I let slip through my fingers. Like sand in an hour glass never to get it back again.

Time Is All We Ever Have

We all know that all we ever really have is time.

What makes us waste so much of this precious commodity?

  • Being hard on ourselves
  • Not having the faith in our own capabilities and uniqueness
  • Not living a life full of wonder and joy.
  • Avoiding feeling uncomfortable for fear of what others may say about us
  • And so we never ever do that thing that scares us

That thing that we know could make all the difference.

What Are You Waiting For?

Without fail, I chat to my Nana on the phone every few days. She’s 92 and struggles to get around now.

We live a few hundred miles apart so having a chat on the phone with her is as close as I can get to popping in to see her and having a cuppa.

Something we both love to do. Natter over a cuppa.

And chat we do.

About everything.

Her travels abroad, her time owning the village shop, having children 20 years apart, snow at Easter, roses in full bloom in November and everything else in between.

What I love about her is how upbeat she is.

She didn’t really get into books until she was 87 and now she’s a book worm. Can’t get enough of them.

She’ll watch Andy Murray if he’s on TV.

She’ll chat away about how amazing mobile phones are.

She’s a star my Nana.

And yet, she knows there are things that are too late for her now.

Things she always meant to do, she’d do them one day, when she got round to it or when the time was right.

Life gets in the way or we tell ourselves it does but what if it’s US getting in the way?

You getting in your own way.

Use the Nana test.

Do you want to be 92, look back on your life and say:

‘If only I believed in ME when I had the chance.’

What can you do today to get out of your own way?


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Comments 2

  1. Annette Pedersen
    November 26, 2016

    What a wonderful relationship with your Nana! She is full of life! Time is short…yes! Let’s totally enjoy the time we do have for sure!

  2. Tracey Tait
    November 26, 2016

    She’s my inspiration Annette.

    And I do indeed intend to enjoy the time I have 🙂

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