Website Content: What content you should have on your website

What if you knew what content to write for your website so your audience can find you and you could sell more.


It would be a game-changer for your business right?

Marcus Sheridan has the answer and it’s genius. ‘They ask, you answer.’


Marcus Sheridan realised that when people have questions, they go online and they ask a search engine.

The business that has the answers gets seen. They appear at the top of the search results and that gets their website in front of potential clients every single day 24/7.


Is your website answering the questions your audience is asking?

If you’re not – you’re invisible.

Think about that for a minute. 


No-one can see you.

Your audience is typing into Google their questions and you don’t appear in their search.

Time to find out what the ‘They ask, You Answer’ approach is and how it could make all the difference to your business. 


What is the ‘They ask, You answer’ approach to creating content that gets your website found? 

Marcus Sheridan realised that the questions audiences ask and want answers to, focus on 5 questions. He calls them the Big 5. 

The Big 5 questions refer to:

• Cost
• Problems
• Comparisons
• Reviews of
• Best of


How you can use the big 5 so your website is found quickly and easily. 

You now know the Big 5 topics to answer questions are about:

• Cost
• Problems
• Comparisons
• Reviews of
• Best of

Let’s say you sell washing machines and you want to know what questions to answer for your audience. 

Example questions you answer could be:

• How much will a washing machine cost?
• How much will a washing machine cost to do a wash at 30 degrees?
• What size washing machine will I need for my build in kitchen?
• My washing machine won’t drain. What can I do?
• Is washing machine A or B more energy efficient?
• Is washing machine A or B noisier?
• What washing machine is better for large families?
• What washing machine has the quickest wash time?
• What’s the best washing machine for hard water?


What you should be answering for your audience on your website

Get to grips with what questions your audience need answering with this exercise.

Step 1: Write down at least 7 reasons why someone would NOT want buy from you (assuming they know you exist).
Step 2: Of these 7 questions, how many does your website answer?
Step 3: Address all of the 7 questions on your website in the next 12 months


In Summary

Your audience is looking for answers.
When will you start answering their important ones so they’ll buy from you?


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