How to move towards your unshakeable self-belief

For years I told people to ‘Just Do it!’ not randomly you understand but I worked for the business that uses this as their slogan.

Now I don’t work for them but this slogan certainly has stood the test of time.

However, when it comes to your self-belief telling someone it’s easy. Believe in you! Just Do It! It’s not that simple.

It’s a Pro at Doom And Gloom 

Because our chatterbox, our voice of doom and gloom is so well rehearsed in the reasons and the excuses it bombards us with, it’s not that easy to flip a switch and there, it’s now shooshed and you can get on doing the stuff you feel a bit ‘meh’ about.

Repetition Is The Key

It takes gentle, subtle nudges to begin with.

Each and every single day.

Until you say to yourself ‘Hang on a minute!  Where did all that doubt go? How did that happen?’

You made it happen.

And here’s how.

You stopped bombarding yourself with all the doom and gloom stuff about yourself and started drip-feeding the good stuff instead.

You went from feeling:

  • I’m not good enough
  • No-one wants what I’m offering
  • I know I’m going to fail at this business malarkey
  • My Blogs are pants
  • I can’t charge that

To reminding yourself:

  • Why I’m good enough
  • Why people want what I’m offering
  • Why I’ve got to grips with this business malarkey
  • Why my Blogs are being read, shared, commented on and getting me noticed

And what you did to gently remind yourself and make your self-belief unshakeable was this:

Each day you reminded yourself.

Strategically Placed Works Best

With a reminder that popped up on your mobile phone 2 or 3 times a day

With post-its placed where you can see them

A note at the top of your diary or planner for each day

A friend text you telling you all the fab things they see in you that you can’t quite see in yourself – yet 🙂

You have a file with all the lovely comments and feedback from clients that when you look at it, lifts your spirits and makes you smile.

And you have your own ideas on what else you can do too.

That’s how you did it.

Want to see how this could work for you?

Just Do It! 🙂



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