How To Plan Effective Goals for Small Business Owners

Ah! The humble post it note.  As a business owner, I’m pretty sure you have them, in a variety of shapes and colours and are unaware of how the power they have to helping you to plan and track your goals.

They sit there, quietly, on your desk day in and at out waiting for you to realise it’s potential to sky-rocket your productivity, your efficiency and goal setting power.

I love my post-it notes. They have changed the way I do business and they help me to get results by being small, sticky and well, by being there when I need them.

Want to know how they can really, really help you?

Use them to plan and track your goals by doing this:

1. Write where you are now on one post it note

2. Write your goal on another post it note

Then write down all the steps you need to take to achieve your goal on individual post its. Be as creative with your ideas as you like.

You can use a wall, a door, a table, a desk, a window, a noticeboard – any space you need to have where you are now, the steps you need to take and your end result, your goal visible.

Here’s one I prepared earlier:

Where I am now


As post it notes are re-usable, you can then arrange your tasks so they have a flow to them and remember to keep them in small, manageable bite sized chunks.

If you have others that help you then the following is a great way to begin allocating tasks.

Take sheets of A4 paper and write headings on individual sheets – each heading to be the name or a category of what needs to get done.

You can now start on those post-it sized tasks and once you start removing them or placing on your ‘DONE’ board you will soon get super excited working towards that goal.

THAT goal you possibly thought was far to mahoosive to achieve.

So go on! Get planning and make stuff happen!


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  1. Sandra Hastings
    December 18, 2015

    I was introduced to this method by Tracey just last week and Oh My Goodness! It has already changed my thinking, cleared up the white noise in my head and given me a clear focus for the future. I am ending 2015 without that awful feeling of being overwhelmed but genuinely excited for 2016! Thankyou Tracey and your amazing Key Club – and apologies for sounding evangelical but… well I am!

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