It’s been your dream to quit your day job and have your own business.

A successful business.


But you’re struggling to be seen and heard in this busy and noisy online world.

And you’re fed up wondering where your next client is coming from.

Get what you need to know to really get inside the head of your clients.

We’ll create marketing that makes an impact and gives you a clear actionable plan for getting a consistent flow of paying clients.

Before we meet, you’ll be asked to complete a Business Review Document. This gives me an idea of where you are, what you want to achieve and what’s holding you back.

We’ll get crystal clear on what you offer and who you offer it to.

We’ll create your key message that connects instantly with your audience.

We’ll create a plan for all your marketing activities, which means you’ll be attracting clients, consistently and easily. You'll make more money and save more time.

Kickstart Your Visibility And Create Your Stream Of Consistent Clients

What You Get

Your Business Review Document

You’ll get your complete and in-depth Business Review Document that digs deep into where you are now with your business.

90-Minute Strategy Call

We’ll spend 90 minutes together talking about your business and using the Business Review Document to create your actionable plan and strategy so you know where you’re headed.

No need to take a zillion-billion notes either as this call is recorded so you can listen back as often as you like.

3 × 60 Minute 1:1 Calls

You’ll get 3 × 60-minute calls with me.

Each call involves action and there’s accountability #AlwaysWithLove to help you stay on track, focus on what works and ditch what doesn’t.

These calls are recorded so you can listen back at your leisure.

Weekly Emails

I’m rooting for you! At the beginning of each week you’ll receive an email from me, with review and check-in emails at the end of each week.

Your investment is £1200

Let’s have a chat to see what's right for you.

Book your call with me

Book Your Call

Not sure what's right for you?

Book a call with me and let’s have a chat.

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Tracey took me from a social media sceptic with very little knowledge or experience of the media to a confident user. She put together a clear and precise plan to follow which is probably what sets her apart from others in the industry.

Speak to her now. It takes time and the longer you wait the further behind you get. If you think you know what you are doing on social media I would say, speak to Tracey. You will discover so much more possibility.

Adrian Smith - Northwood Tyneside Estate Agents

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