Learn FromThe Mistakes I Made In My Business

Learn from my mistakes so you don’t make them in your business.

You’re wondering why your business isn’t going the way that you wanted it to go. It’s not growing quickly.

You’re not getting the clients as regularly as you wanted. And as for that fun, freedom, and flexibility that you set up your business to have, it’s not happening. You’re making some mistakes.

We just know what to do, don’t we?

Allow me to tell you about when I was five. I remember watching my mum knowing how to bake and cook and iron and just know how to be a grownup.

Now, I genuinely thought, this is no word of a lie to you, I can remember my five year old self looking at her and thinking, yeah, when I’m a grownup, there’s a little switch in my head that just switches on and I know how to do grown-up things. That’s fine.

A bit like when we start up in business.

All you need to have a business is…

We’re business owners, right? Because you’ve got the website to prove it. We’ve got the business cards, the letterheads, the compliment slips, and the Facebook page.

Okay, I got the letterheads and the compliment slips, because I thought I needed them when I first started.

That’s what business owners do.

I genuinely thought I’ve set up a business, I’ve built it, they will come.

What were the mistakes I made?

Well, my mistakes were that no one had shown me how:

So here are some of the mistakes. I was going to say all of the mistakes. We’d be here forever and a day.

My first BIG mistake

The big mistakes that I made, and so that you can stop making them, are this:

  • I didn’t invest in me or my business. I tried to work it out by myself. So that meant researching and reading and signing up for webinars and reading free ebooks and reports and blogs until I was blogified.

Invest in your business.

Now, I know money’s tight. I know that, I completely and utterly appreciate that.

But there’s so many good courses out there now that from as little as 30 quid, you can get a little bit of what you need to know right now. And that means as well that you’re gonna move further along the business journey much quicker than not investing.

Speak to someone. Ask questions. Get a mentor. And trust me, you’ll not stay stuck for too long, because they will show you the ropes.

You can’t work with everyone – you can’t

  • Secondly, what I used to do was I believed that I could work with everyone and anyone.

Genuinely, I thought everyone’s gonna want what I do.

I’m sorry, but that isn’t the case.

You really need to get deep and understand what it is that you do, what problem is it that you solve, and who you solve it for.

Nail that, and do you know what?

It’s like a laser guidance system to that one person that you are talking to that really can skyrocket and give your marketing that kick up the ass it needs.

This is a real strategy…?

What else did I do? Well, I used to use this marketing strategy. Well, business strategy really.

  • It was the cross your fingers and hope to goddamn hell it works and sticks.

I would rock up and I would post, I would blog, I would update my website, I would like, I would comment, I would share. That was my strategy.

Fingers crossed, shut the eyes, hope to goodness it would work. It doesn’t.

What I really, really know that you need is a plan, because without a plan, you don’t know where the hell you’re gonna go so you just flit from one thing to another.

You’re six months down the line, and you’re still in the same place or, God forbid, even worse than you were six months previously.

Get yourself a plan

  • Get yourself a plan so that you know what you should be doing and stick to it. It’s flexible.

Life crops up. Life bites you on the bum. But by having a plan, having a strategy, then you know where you’re going. It’s like a laser guidance missile that just sends you to where you need to go and be.

What about what others will think?

  • Coming from Corporate Land, there was a belief I had to be professional. I didn’t allow myself to be me.

Everything I put out there was so boring and bland that Tracey, the real Tracey didn’t get to bubble up for a very, very long time.

Be you. That’s who the world needs.

And by being you, you will attract the kind of clients that you want to work with, the kind of clients that light you up, that are good for you and your business.

People buy from people. Let them:

  • Experience your personality.
  • Hear your voice.
  • How you want to do things and how you want to be.

My time was spent comparing myself to others because I thought:

  • Ooh, shiny website meant a really successful business.
  • Lots of followers on social media meant a really successful business.
  • Lots of likes, loves, comments, shares meant a really successful business.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop looking at their website and drooling and dreaming, “If only I had a website like that, I’d have a successful business.”

Be you.

That’s the thing.

And be sure to learn how to make your business a success.

I have to include a quote

There’s a quote by Jim Rohn.

“It’s important to learn from your mistakes, but it’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes, and it’s best to learn from other people’s successes. It accelerates your own success.”

Always learning

Now, this is true. From all of the mistakes that I’ve learnt and will continue to make and learn from, they’re not failures.

They’re character building and business successful building.

My business is where it is now. Now I have a business that I am proud of. 


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