Review of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge With Sarah Arrow

What a blinking sense of achievement I have this morning.

And who knew that I’d fall in love with Blogging and writing as much as I have.

Thanks to Sarah Arrow’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge I have. Hook, line and sinker.

I’m going to admit I attempted the challenge before but after about day 14 I stopped, but this time it felt different.

And glad to say re-kindling my blogging romance has made it even stronger than ever and it’s going to go from strength to strength.

This is my review of what I’ve discovered about Blogging and myself.

Looking Back At What Worked

What saved you time?

Spending time planning what I was going to write about saved me time. I couldn’t believe how much time I saved and the suggested ways to structure your Blog were a great help too.

I’m a bit of a pen and paper girl at heart, so I’ve got all my ideas in a notebook and I know what I’m going to write about for the next 3 days. Then I’ll pop the kettle on, grab a cuppa and have some pondering time on what else I can write about. Won’t be long til I’ll have enough ideas for the next 365 days. Oh, there’s another idea for a Blog just popped into my head.

Be back in a mo, off to write it down in my notebook 🙂

I’m back! Some mornings, my chosen writing time, I’d complete a post in 30 minutes and be more than happy with it. The planning ahead really works for me.

Using Canva to create headers for my Blog was fab. It was a case of using the same template, changing the copy, the image and the background colour and I was good to go.

For images, I used Unsplash. A great resource for high quality and free images.

What content made the most money?

One of my aims from the challenge was to increase my visibility and it’s certainly done that.

And it’s grown my list too which, I hope, will turn readers into clients.

I’m tracking every day.

What created the greatest amount of personal pleasure?

Reading the comments, especially when I’d shared some of my funnier moments on the rollercoaster of being a corporate escapee starting up in business.

Writing using my voice has been a struggle for me. Big Time.

If I didn’t have my ‘corporate robot’ voice on I believed no-one would take me seriously. Cobblers!

Finding my own voice has been one of the best things about the challenge.

What relationships developed that you’re excited about and why?

Meeting and chatting with other Bloggers has been great.  There are so many talented and passionate people out there.

I’ve got my eye on a few I’d like to ask to be a guest Blogger when I launch my new website later this month.

Positive Breakthroughs

  • That it’s okay putting yourself out there. The scary stuff was in my own head
  • Support from a group of like-minded people makes a huge difference
  • I’m not alone on this Blogging journey
  • I used to love to write stories when I was at school and this challenge has re-kindled that
  • When I share my thoughts using my voice I get the best results
  • When I started the Challenge at the beginning of November, visits to my website were small numbers. I’ve just checked this morning and yesterday I had a record number. Did a quick calculation, checked it three times and from day 1 to this morning, my visits have gone up by a whopping 809%. What this teaches me is I need to drive more peeps to my website 🙂 And will do it with even more gusto when my new site goes live next month.

What did not work?

What content flopped?

The Blogs early on in the challenge as I was still writing in my ‘corporate robot’ voice.  I’m going to go back to these ones (settle down with a pot of tea – any excuse 🙂 ) and make ‘em my own.

Return in profit

The cost was my time and the ‘profit’ has to be the feedback, the people I’ve met and the increase in visibility. Thank you to those that took time out to read my Blog and comment.

The Priceless item has to be the belief I have in me, my voice and that what I have to say resonates with other biz owners out there.

Tasks or projects you find yourself dreading?

None at all. My attitude is more of ‘Bring it on!’ 🙂

Goals you are enthusiastic about

Reviewing my Blogs, repurposing my Blogs, approaching others to be guest Bloggers, turning my Blogs into video, writing more Blogs…..

Thanks to Sarah and Kevin for putting together this challenge. It’s been such a fab challenge and I know that every day I’ll be putting into practice what I’ve discovered along the way.

Curious as to what the Blogging challenge could do for your business?

Sign up today it could change your life Sarah Arrow’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge

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  1. Annette Pedersen
    November 30, 2016

    Oh my gosh Tracey! This post is so awesome! Congrats on making it 30 days! The part about speaking in your own voice…totally is hard for me also. I am glad I am not alone on that. Thanks for all the great tips here also 🙂 Write on…. 🙂

    1. Tracey Tait
      November 30, 2016

      Thank you Annette.

      One day I decided to write as me during the challenge. I won’t say it was easy – it wasn’t – my chatterbox was shouting away at me constantly but I pushed on. Using ‘me words’ and how I’d speak to you as if you were having a cuppa with me.

      That Blog alone had 15 hits in an hour which is a big WOW for me.

      Let your voice be heard today Annette xx

  2. The Great Gordino
    December 1, 2016

    Very nice review Tracey!
    I like 2 benefits you mention – firstly, that the more you write, the more ideas you get, and secondly that the more you write, the more you find your own voice. Both of those only come when you start writing and that’s the key!
    Well done on getting over that 30 day line! Cheers, Gordon

    1. Tracey Tait
      December 1, 2016

      Thanks Gordon.

      I’m really pleased I took on the challenge. It’s been one of my favourite things in 2016 and finding my own voice has been such a revelation.

      Have a great day!

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