How different could your business be if you stopped trying to work it all out for yourself? 

Imagine doing what love, what you’re blinking good at with more clients,  making money and with the freedom your day job never gave you. 


Your business would be unrecognisable as you’d know what to say, who to, where and a plan of action that will get you more visibility and attracting more of your fab clients.

Imagine that and more…There’s no reason why you can’t start growing your business again when you sign up for my self-study courses.

Know Your Ideal Client


Struggling to know what to say to when it comes to attracting your clients? Believe you can work with everyone and anyone?

It’s not just you. Knowing who your ideal client, what their problem is and how you solve it for them is something that many new business owners skip.

When you know the problem you solve and who you solve it for, the transformation to your marketing is A-Ma-Zing.

Then you can tell them all about your solution. That’s perfect for them.

This mini-course (Video, 7 workbooks and audio) gives you the steps you can take so you can really get to know what’s going on inside your client’s head. Which is exactly what you need to know to attract more clients and make more money.

At £24.99 it won’t break the bank, but it will mean you can stand out in this busy and noisy online world and get in front of your clients quicker.

Marketing Made Easy


Do you find it tricky creating a consistent stream of clients?

You’re going to love this. Marketing Made Easy is all about how you can get noticed, by your ideal client AND importantly keeping the clients coming. Because marketing is all about keeping the conversation going.

That’s why it’s so important that you know what to say, how to say it, where to say it without spending a  fortune today, tomorrow and the next day.

The videos and the workbooks give you, step by step, what you need to get clear so you can focus on getting your business out there, found and attracting clients,  but also a month by month, week by week focused plan for your business as well as a clear marketing plan to create your consistent flow of clients.

At £97, it’s a worthwhile investment. Discovering so many ways you can promote your business FOR FREE alone is worth the price.

Prefer to work with me 1:1?

You can, and there are a variety of ways we can work together to get your business growing again.

From one off sessions, my membership club or on-going support.  There’s a way that will work for you.

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  • Why am I struggling to grow my business?

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