The Best Blogs of 2017 (So far)

Don’t know about you, but I wasn’t expecting August to arrive so soon and yet,  here it is.

Where has the year gone and how quickly will what’s left of it zoom by?

So I thought I’d take a step back, grab a cuppa and share my top 6 performing Blogs of this year (so far) with you. After all this time of year is when many of us take a holiday, slow down a bit in readiness for making the most of the last 4 months of the year. Time to make 2017 count and all that.

And making what’s left of 2017 will be the theme for my next Blogs.

Until then, here’s my Top 6. A combination of making your business better, but also a tongue in cheek look at what being a business owner is really like.

1.Why You Should Stop Worrying About Your Marketing And Do This Instead

Does marketing your business feel like a constant uphill struggle, it’s a huge headache for you and you’re believing you’re just not cut out for this when everyone else makes it look so blinking easy?

This Blog take a different approach to what the text books say about marketing. I’ve taken what can seem complicated and hard-work and turned it around, so that getting you in front of your client can be easier when you take a different approach.

Read it >>> here 

2. Stop Doing This And Your Clients Will Love You For It

We all do this. We think we know our audience, really know them and off we go using our assumptions in our marketing.

Then we get miffed when they don’t pay us any attention or buy from us.

Find out what you can gain (it’s more than you think), when you take a step back and review what you’re putting out there to get their attention.

Read it >>> here

3. Free Workbook To Review Your Year So Far

There are the popular times you plan and review – December into January tends to be when most business owners do it.

But there’s so much more to be gained by reviewing your year more often. Giving you an insight to what’s going on for your business.

There’s no sign up for this workbook. You click the link and it’s yours. Another reason to pop the kettle on and reflect and plan for the remaining months of the year.

Get it >>> here

4. How to Stand Out With The Right Marketing Message

How is anyone ever expected to find you with all that online noise? How many gazillion users are on Social Media every day?

And there’s you posting away, sharing your best stuff, being engaging and yet, you’re not exactly stowed under with clients.

One surefire way to stand out is to be so crystal clear with your message. When you do this, your audience feel as though you’re inside their head.

Get the 7 tips to standing out with your right marketing message >>> here

5. How To Create More Business Success When You’ve Quit Your Corporate Job To Go It Alone

I had the company car, expense account, first class travel and the excitement of working for a high profile global brand.  The mere mention of who I worked for was enough to generate oohs and aaahs and shrieks of ‘OMG! Lucky you!’

And yet when we leave that corporate world to set up on our own, it’s a different story.

It’s blinking hard. Much harder than we thought it would be and we’re not used to not making things happen.

And one thing I’ve noticed is this. We don’t much like asking for help either.

In this  Blog I give you the 5 steps you can take that will get you more of that business success you dream of.

Read it >>> here 

6. 27 things only those that work from home understand

One day I was a bit stumped on what to write for a Blog so I wrote this. I’ve had so many personal messages about it, so I know the things I’ve mentioned aren’t just me. And it’s given a few people a giggle too.

Fancy a chuckle at the reality of working from home? This is for you.

Read it >>> here

So that’s my top 6 Blogs of 2017 (so far).

Know any other business owners that would find these Blogs useful? Feel free to share.


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