You did it!

You quit your job, put your brave face on and now you’re running your own business. Living the dream.

Or are you

  • Doubting you can do this and make it work?
  • Feeling alone, isolated and stuck?
  • Not sure what to do next?

You knew it was going to be tough but not this hard and you’re wondering if you’ll ever make it happen.

Does the idea of going back to working for someone else again make you feel meh!

Wouldn’t you much rather……

Discover how to create a clear plan and actions for your business in a way that will get you results.

Understand how to make marketing work for you so you can attract your clients, easily.

Learn how to conquer your chatterbox and get out of your own way. No more holding yourself back.

What if by getting the help you need right now you could turn your business around and make your dream a reality so you can finally live your life your way?

Get access to straight-talking, fluff free and easy to follow information you can use in your business instantly

Be surrounded by other like-minded peeps that also quit their job, totally understand you and will support you

Let me show you how can go from having a struggling business to a successful business. With the freedom and flexibility you crave and yes, finally live your life, your way.

When it comes to making their business a success, especially for those that have left their 9-5 and had responsible jobs they were brilliant very capable at, many of them don’t know where to start with getting their head around the business ‘malarkey’ stuff.

The Key Club membership helps those that have left the rat-race, quit their day job, escaped the 9-5 make sense of what it takes to shape their business so they can understand how to attract those clients, make more money and do it in such a way they have the freedom and flexibility they crave.

I know how tough it is to ditch the struggle and I’ve helped numerous people to attract more clients, revamp their marketing and become fearless.

And when you ditch your struggle, it falls into place, becomes easier and more natural. You become a business owner that easily creates a flow of clients, marketing that’s clear and works and you can smile and enjoy it.

I’m Tracey Tait and I’m the owner and founder of TranscendYou.

I left my corporate life behind to go it alone and I love helping others that have put on their ‘brave face’. What I show you is what I’ve done to ditch the struggle of creating, building and growing my own business and the result has been I now work with fab clients and enjoy my free time doing what I enjoy with those that matter most.

My clients have gone on to enjoy a new approach to their businesses and a new way of working that brings them more of what they want.

The Key Club will take you through the steps you need so you can

1. Get crystal clear and focused on where you want to go with your business, who your client really is, where you can find them, show you how to create a plan to make your business and marketing goals a reality and have a key marketing message that’s makes it easy for you to connect with and attract your clients.

2. Fall in love with marketing (you will 🙂 ) and discover it is something you can learn to do and do it so blinking well you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about. You’ll become a marketing Ninja in no time.

3. Conquer your chatterbox and learn how to get out of your own way. Go from fear to fear-free and ditch the doubt once and for all.

Everything you discover will help you and your business to stand out, be found and make you money.

Once you implement simple and straight-forward and not confusion, struggle and chaos, your business will change and grow. Undoubtedly, those that have found a way to simplify and be more effective in how they do things have more success.

Join The Key  Club today because right now there are clients out there that are going elsewhere.

Imagine for a second….

Having a clear plan for your business for the next 12 months

Having a month by month strategy for your marketing

Knowing exactly who your ideal client is

 Where you can find your ideal client

 Having a clear key message that your ideal client will connect with – instantly

Having the confidence to believe in you and ditching that inner chatterbox that holds you back

This is where I can help you

The Key Club is a framework that you’ll be taken through, with me supporting you.

To move your business forward you need a clear and focused plan with help and support, a sprinkling of accountability from someone who’s been where you are right now.

You’re ready to:

Attract More Clients * Revamp Your Marketing * Become Fearless
Here’s a small taster of what you’ll cover:

Stop Faffing And Start Doing

No more wasting time or being drawn to bright shiny objects. This will get you focused and taking action for the next 12 months so you can take your business to the next level

Your Key Message

How to create your key message so that your clients knows instantly you are for them.

I’ve Found You!

Identify your ideal client and make it easier for you to attract them.

How To Create Your List

How to set up a Freebie so Fab you’ll have more subscribers on your list in no time.

The Power of The Blog

Discover how to use your Blog so it becomes a valuable part of your marketing. Use it to convert readers to customers.

You got mail!

How your email can be used to help you build know, like and trust with your community. Resulting in them buying more from you.

Show Your Chatterbox Who’s Boss

Manage doubts and fears that bubble up to the surface and stop you succeeding. Support to help you believe you can do it!

Support All The Way

No more feeling all alone. Lots of help, support and encouragement from other rat race escapees and emails to keep you motivated.

And So Much, Much More!

  • Create and build a thriving business that will give you the flexibility and the freedom your day job never could
  • Work with the clients or customers that make you smile and they can’t wait to tell all their friends about you
  • Ditch the cheeky wee mind Gremlins that have you filled with doubt and fears so you can get out of your own way
  • Find your voice and let the true YOU shine through
  • Make the money you want so you can create and fully enjoy your life

Imagine the endless possibilities for you and your business

And you have a choice.

Join today for only £9.97 a month and get instant access to your first module and our Private Facebook Club

Membership has no minimum contract so you can stay as long as you want.

When you click the ‘Join Now’ button you will be taken to PayPal, where you can set up your Monthly Subscriptions and as there’s no contract you can stay as long as you like.

Once you’ve done that you will receive an email where you can setup your username and password, this will give you access to the first module.

You’ll also receive an email telling you how you can access the Private Facebook Group.

The Key  Club - Silver Membership
The Key Club - Silver Membership
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