The One Rule That Will Get Your Content Found

Is your love of keeping the algorithm Gods happy keeping your business hidden from your audience?

If you’re not being found, you’re invisible.

Get the one simple rule you need to get your content found.


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The One Rule You Need To Get Your Content Found

Today I have two questions for you. The first one is, why is that when I am doing videos at the minute, I always get a really itchy nose? If anybody knows, please let me know.

Have you created content recently?

Secondly, my question is; have you created content today? Did you create content yesterday, and maybe you’re planning on creating content tomorrow? Either way, I bet you have created some content. So it’s maybe some social media posts, a blog, some articles, a page on your website, and then what you’ve done is you’ve got your list out to make sure that this content is following the rules. So I’ve got my list as well, just to make sure that I mention the most important things.

Those Important Things On The List

You’ve made sure that you’ve got keywords, tick. You’ve made sure that you’ve included key phrases, tick. You’ve remembered hashtags, tick. Now, you’ve created a blog, and you know how important back links are, tick, tick. You know as well that in this online social media world, if we’re mentioned somewhere, you can’t resist finding out why we’ve been mentioned, and what’s going on and who by. So you’ve made sure you’ve tagged some people in your posts as well, in your content. You’ve got some images, so you’ve made sure that they’ve got alt tags in them, and then you’re going to make sure that you’re on every platform that you possibly can be on. See, itchy nose, there we go.

Those All Important Rules. Or Are They?

You’ve followed the rules, right? You have, you’ve followed the rules, and you’re super chuffed with you

rself. Thing is, we forget, it’s so easy to forget, especially in this online world of ours, when we’re using computers to get in front of people. The people who we want to get in front of are human beings, and that’s a big part of marketing. It’s a big part of creating that connection and building that relationship. You just want to sound like one human being talking to another; sounding approachable, sounding friendly, having a bit of fun, being helpful as well. Because ultimately, you know you set up your business to make a difference. You wanted to solve a problem.

You Solve A Problem For…?

Regardless of what problem it is that you solve, who is it that you solve it for? Another human being, right? And even if it’s someone who’s in a big massive organisation, it’s not the organisation that you’re contacting, it’s that person, that person whose job it is to solve that problem; a human being, a person. Somebody made with flesh and bones and blood and hair and stuff.

Take A Step Back

If you were to look at your marketing then, and you’re busy focusing on making sure that you’re following the ‘rules’ and keeping the algorithm Gods happy, it’s great, because all this stuff, it’s really good. But once your content is actually out there, and the algorithm Gods have gone, “Well done.” And they’ve pushed it out there for you, when it gets in front of the person that you want to talk to, does it work? Does it connect? Does it draw them to you?

Maybe it’s time to take a wee step back. Yeah, there are rules, yeah there’s algorithms, and yeah, they’re fabulous, but so is talking to another human being. Just sitting down and having a chat, and we can still do that with our content, with our posts, with our blogs, with our videos, with our podcasts in this online world.

Are you being a human?

How human are you being today? And I’m going to prove how human I am by scratching my nose before I go, because it’s itchy, right there. I’ll speak to you soon, bye for now.


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