Ready to quit?

As a business owner, do you need to quit!

I do. I’m giving up.  It’s too hard, difficult and I’m shattered.

Putting myself under so much pressure pretty much all of the time.  It’s too much!

Something has to change.

The first thing I’m quitting is:

Doubting Myself

Why am I telling myself all the things I can’t do when there’s so much I can do.  And some of the doubts that have rumbled into my mind recently are, when I say them out loud in the mirror or I tell my hubby about them, well they don’t make sense once they’ve been aired.

And if they do, they’re only me talking jibberish so I don’t have to get uncomfortable.

And we all know, that to grow our businesses we have to get uncomfortable sometimes.

Negative Thinking

The minute it’s not quite gone to plan – ping! ‘Tracey is now re-setting to doom and gloom mode.’

Yes, sh*t happens when you’re a business owner but it’s about how you respond that makes a difference.

Know you’re not the first and you won’t be the last biz owner having a ‘moment’, so dust yourself down, get back up and go for it again.

Fear of Failure

What the heck?

I’ve read enough books, watched plenty of Facebook videos and heard enough stories, that to be a success you’ve gotta give yourself a wee kick up the old bahookey to get past this one. #alwayswithlove

Because if you don’t, how on earth will you learn.

Have I made mistakes? Crikey, more than I know but without them I wouldn’t have been making decisions and choices.

What they’ve taught me is priceless and you don’t get lessons like that from books or Facebook videos 🙂

Criticising Myself

I hate bullies and yet when I think of how I’ve spoken to myself in the past. Oh dear. I’ve a lot to say sorry to myself for.

What about you? Time to ditch your inner bully?

Negative Self-Talk

Talk about piling on the negatives.

All those assumptions I was piling onto myself and telling myself that ‘this won’t work’, the shoulds that I bombarded myself.

  • I should have more clients by now
  • I should be able to get to grips with this business malarkey
  • I should, should, should banging on and on

Did it help? Nope! So change your negatives to positives and notice how being kind to yourself makes you feel.


The biggest time stealer.  How many times have I tidied up my paperclips? That’s how good I got at procrastination. Shame it doesn’t attract the clients though!

They say to be good at procrastination you need to have a fab imagination. While this may be true, I wasn’t using my imagination to its best advantage.

I know when I’m about to procrastinate. I faff and then I have the overwhelming desire to put the kettle on.

Nothing a cuppa won’t fix.

Instead, I plan what my 3 key tasks are and knuckle down. Setting a timer to keep me focused. (My times is set for 40minutes to do this Blog… keep on typing then).

Fear of Success

Odd how this one cropped up.

I want a successful business and yes, success means different things to lots of people. For me I know what it means but the fear of having it was holding me back.

The consequences, for me, of keeping hold of it was that I wouldn’t  have the business I’d dreamed of and there was a big chance I’d end up going back to working for someone else.

That was the wake-up call I needed.

People Pleasing

When you make it your life passion to help people, this can be a toughie.

Saying ‘No’ feels like swearing at your Nana.  It’s the last thing in the world you’d ever do!

But it can be such a drain on you and to the other person you’re always on hand to help them out.  They don’t see it being a problem and that’s not their fault.

Slowly, your energy drips and drains away until you have none left for you, let alone others.

Once you put boundaries in place, it becomes easier.

I’ve practiced saying:

I’ll call you back in an hour


‘Next week is the only time that works for me.’

For more ideas on How to Say No and still be a really nice person

If you know a business owner that needs to read this, please share this Blog with them. It might be time they quit too.


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  1. Barb
    November 22, 2016

    I really enjoyed your article, with the “fear of success” area jumping out at me as very relevant. Thanks for this!

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